Brunschwig Chemie

Brunschwig Biology

Brunschwig Biology develops (with Noble Bio), produces and supplies a number of biological(active) cleaning agents, destined for professional cleaning agencies/service companies mainly in the Netherlands.

Brunschwig Biologie

In view of durability and environment B.Biology continuously works to improve her biological active products and to develop new applications for these products.

Main Products:

Brunschwig Urine Eliminator Dual action: Cleans and eliminates bad smells.

Brunschwig Bioforce: Unblocks and eliminates bad smells.

Brunschwig Bioblocks: Clean and eliminate bad smells.

Special biological active cleaning agents on request.

Brunschwig Biology works in close partnership with Noble Bio and is exclusive producer of the abovementioned man- and environment friendly biological products.


Brunschwig Urine Eliminator: Heavily used (soiled/ bad smelling) toilets and sanitairy facilities( public pissoirs and urinals) in general. Because of the unique biological composition (formula) and activity of six non pathogenic micro-organisms the cause/source of bad smells is eliminated for longer periods of time in an environmental friendly way.

Brunschwig Bioforce: Preventative and curative biological unblocking and decomposition of organic material in sewage pipes, pipelines in general, sewer drains, grease traps and grease pits because of the unique microbiological activity of several bacteria(micro organisms) and enzymes. Eliminates bad smells and de-odors. Often used in public buildings , restaurants and catering industry.

Brunschwig Bioblocks: Biological active toiletblocks clean, refresh and de-odor. Especially made for pissoirs and urinals.


Professional cleaning agencies/service companies, general service providers for facilities
such as offices, sites and public -and corporate buildings, catering industry etc. in the Netherlands.


All products from stock Amsterdam.
Delivery time from warehouse Amsterdam 24 hours.
Special transport and express( rush or courier) deliveries optional!


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