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Brunschwig Chemicals

Brunschwig Chemie B.V., imports and distributes since 1935 , a wide range of laboratory chemicals, fine chemicals and biological products from suppliers all over the world. 

Brunschwig Chemie

Main product groups:

Antibodies: e.g. (CD) Monoclonal antibodies & Secondary antibodies, Polyclonal antibodies
Biochemistry: Enzymes, Peptides, Substrates, Lipids, Steroids, Fatty acids, Sugars etc.
Histology: Dyes, Mounting media, Embedding media, Detection kits, Substrate kits, Counter stains etc.
Laboratory materials: Small equipment, Hardware, Glassware, Disposables, etc.
Materials and media for cell culture: FCS, Culture media and Disposables,Cell lines, Hybridomas & Primary cells
Micro biology: Dehydrated culture media and Ingredients for water testing
Molecular biology: Reagents, Image clones
Organic solvents: e.g. for HPLC use
Organiccompounds: Natural compounds, Synthetic compounds and Polymers
Reference standards:  e.g. for Environmental analysis andOilanalysis
Safety products: Products for Occupational safety and Personal protection

Our challenge:  

Whenever a product is not  found in our database, we shall find it for you. 

Brunschwig Chemie is official importer/distributor for the Netherlands of the following brands:

Alfa Aesar (Lancaster & Avocado): Inorganic and organic compounds with high purity, pure metals, compounds of precious metals, alloys, rare earth metals, elements and catalysts, AA / ICP standards
Carl Roth Laboratory equipment & chemicals, life science & safety
Difco: Media Additives, Media, Peptones & Hydrolysates
H.P.A./ECACC :Cell Lines, Hybridomas & Primary cells
Jackson Immunology: Secondary antibodies / reagents and purified immunoglobulins
Nedalco :Ethanol, denatured, undenatured and absolute ethanol
P.A.A.: Materials and media for cell culture
Polysciences :Monomers and Polymers, Laboratory chemicals
Rathburn :Organic solvents
Scharlab Chemistry :Organic solvents & Laboratory Chemicals
Scharlab Microbiology: Culture Media, Additives for media
Serva: Electrophoresis Products & Life Science products
Vector: Non-isotope Vector Vectastain ABC systems for the detection of protein antigens and nucleic acid probes


Brunschwig Chemical's product range is growing  every day and comprises currently more than 330,000 products from all over the world. Brunschwig's products are used in Inorganic Chemistry Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Histology and  Clinical Chemistry.


Brunschwig Chemie supplies  to Health Care Organisations, Universities, Education- and Research Institutes, Quality- and  Research Laboratories, Forensic Institutes, Chemical- and Pharmaceutical Industry (Product Development) mainly in the Benelux and Germany.


Many products from stock Amsterdam, delivery time 24 to 48 hours . For products to order delivery time is generally 1 to 2 weeks.


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