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Brunschwig Logistics as a professional service organization provides logistical services such as intake ,storage, order picking and - packaging , documentation and transportation of dangerous goods(ADR) throughout Europe for a number of internationally operating industrial companies.

Brunschwig Logistiek

In view of durability and environment Brunschwig Logistics works continuously on further improvement of her packaging- and transport methods.

Key services in relation to dangerous(ADR) goods and custom(taxable) goods :

- Receipt, intake and control of incoming goods.
- Safe storage in conditioned compartments.(roomtemperature, minus 20 centigrade, 6 centigrade )
- Order picking, packaging and  transport documents.
- Transportation by truck, ship or plane throughout Europe.
- Administrative services( tax administration for ethanols), stock monitoring(min.max.), stock control and invoicing.
- Repacking, Labeling and Relabeling of dangerous goods( in conditioned clean environment)
- Consultation regarding  handling ,storage and transportation of dangerous goods throughout Europe.

Special services in relation to dangerous goods on request!

Brunschwig Logistics  has entered into Logistical partnerships with a number of large North American companies  developing, producing and selling  a.o. laboratory chemicals, fine chemicals and biological products.


Brunschwig Logistics provides abovementioned services mainly for dangerous goods such as : chemicals, petrochemicals, biochemicals and biological(micro- and molecular) products with ADR-classifications 2,3,4,5,6,8,and 9.  In addition to this also for non hazardous high value/ low volume goods.


North American and European manufacturers/producers of the abovementioned substances and products.


From Ex warehouse Amsterdam to DDP( delivery duty paid) European destination.

Delivery times from stock 24 to 72 hours. Special transport(temperature conditioned, dry ice) and express(rush/courier) optional.

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