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Brunschwig Medical

Brunschwig Medical as distributor of diagnostic equipment and - consumables imports and supplies Analysis- and test equipment, stable isotopes, laboratory apparatus and quick-tests mainly to Healthcare- and Governmental organisations in the Netherlands.

Brunschwig Medical

Main products:

-Breath(analysis)test apparatus
-Lung function(test) equipment
-Stable Isotopes
-Alcohol- Blood- and Drugs tests
-Laboratory equipment and consumables
-Patient monitoring systems

Brunschwig Medical is the official importer for Europe of:

KTMED, supplier of patient monitoring systems
Clare Chemical Research, supplier of the “Dark Reader”transilluminator

Official distributor for the Netherlands of:

M.E.C., supplier of lung function- and breath analysis equipment
FAN, supplier of and breath test apparatus
Ultimed and Gecko, supplier of alcohol-, blood- and drugs tests.


Breath test analysing devices are used for non-invasive detection of intolerance of disaccharides. By using and devices internal disorders can be detected and diagnosed.
Lung function equipment is used to measure the in- and expiratory volume , as well as the compliance of lung tissue.

Quick-tests are used for instant detection of alcohol-or drugs abuse. At the same time these tests can be used for quick detection of internal abnormality.
Handheld devices to detect alcohol and drugs abuse by road users are supplied in particular to Police and Justice Departments.
The Dark Reader is a device witch illuminates DNA-electrophoresis without damaging or effecting the DNA protein.
Patient monitoring systems are used in hospitals and nursery units to check heartbeat, saturation, blood pressure, ECG and temperature.


Academic(university) hospitals, Peripheral hospitals, Healthcare institutions, University laboratories,
Municipal healthcare departments, Prisons, Care of Abuse centers, Justice departments, Police and
Rehabilitation departments.


From stock Amsterdam: Drugs tests, disposables for medical- and laboratory equipment and apparatus, calibration gases, and test kits for various breath tests. Delivery-time 24 hours.
Non stock items are supplied on order. Delivery times vary from 1 to 6 weeks.
All equipment will be supplied with technical and users training(instructions) including all after sales services such as maintenance, calibrations, technical updates and repairs.

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