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Brunschwig chemie was founded in Amsterdam on January 1st 1935 by the Brunschwig family and has for over 76 years been importing and distributing laboratory chemicals and necessities.

Brunschwig ChemieAt first the company was located in the centre of Amsterdam at the Keizersgracht (Canal) but in the year 1976 the company moved to premises at the petrochemical industrial area of Westport Amsterdam. Subsequently in the year 1997 the company moved to a newly build office and warehouse facility especially designed for the storage of dangerous goods in the same area.

From the start of the company as a wholesaler all sorts of laboratory related products were imported and mostly sold from stock, in particular to the Dutch hospitals. 

Brunschwig Chemie, Hexaanweg 2

Known brands from the start of the company are  Difco and BDH, brands that are still part of the vast range of brands and products counting  more than 330,000 article numbers. 

Especially during the last ten years the activities of the company have been extended with additional products and services (Business Groups).

As an obvious consequence of gained experience  with dangerous goods Brunschwig started offering and providing logistical services for these goods.

At the same time the overall Brunschwig product range was extended with production chemicals, diagnostic products and a range of biological cleaning agents under Brunschwig label.

Today Brunschwig Chemical supplies her products and services to the health care market (Hospitals etc.), universities, laboratories, research and development institutes, chemical- and pharmaceutical companies and many other industries.

Brunschwig employs 15 professionals with many years of experience and a vast knowledge of  chemical-, biochemical - and biological products and markets(suppliers). Everyday newly found products are added to the already large number of articles in the Brunschwig database. Special feature of the company next to the supply of already mentioned products and services is the tracing and supply of hard to find   special(fine) chemicals, dangerous- and exotic products.   

The ironclad reputation of Brunschwig Chemie since 1935 is based on the following principles: Customer satisfaction, Expertise, Quality and Reliability!

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