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Brunschwig Chemie b.v. Chemconserve is a leading supplier of AMSD/DPMP-1,

For more than 10 years Brunschwig Chemie b.v. Chemconserve provides reliable supply sevices from our local stock at Amsterdam.


Alpha Methylstyrene Dimer (AMSD)

or synonym

2,4-diphenyl-4-methyl-1-pentene (DPMP-1)

CAS 6362-80-7


A valuable  chain length regulator in radical polymerization reactions.

 And an anti-scorching agent for peroxide cross-linked Poly Ethylene XLPE


AMSD or DPMP-1 is a dimer of Alpha Methyl Styrene.


AMSD is a widely used modifier for styrenic and acrylate based polymers, and other

vinyl-type monomers. High quality polymers are often characterized by their monodisperse composition, or in other words, their narrow chain length distribution. This aspect is clearly demonstrated by polymeric materials in nature, the so-called  “Living Polymers” .

Formulators try to mimic the natural way of achieving top-polymer quality. Optimal chain length distribution can be achieved by means of a chain transfer agent like AMSD.  AMSD provides the formulator with an easy and affordable tool to control the molecular weight distribution of their products.

AMSD provides better workability

Generally speaking, a higher average molecular weight provides a polymer with improved mechanical properties. Unfortunately however, workability during moulding or

post-formation becomes more difficult. A feature of a more narrow chain length distribution, as obtained by the use of AMSD, is an improvement of mechanical properties without complicating the workability.  

At the same time, AMSD/DPMP-1is a Polymerization rate booster.

A remarkable increase of the polymerization reaction can be achieved with Styrene when compared with other transfer agents. AMSD added to monomer compositions can reduce batch times to half of even one third of regular processes.

AMSD/DPMP-1 is an environmentally safe additive

AMSD is non toxic, and does not display the offensive smelling properties observed with Thiol-based countertypes. This comes particularly welcome for applications in the packaging and health sector. Additionally AMSD offers a better light and color stability of the end product.


AMSD/DPMP-1 is also a most effective anti-scorching agent, for XLPE compounds.

In peroxide cross-linkable Poly Ethylene (PER-XLPE, non silane compounds)  as in use for High Voltage electrical cable insulation, with AMSD local polymer scorching, can be avoided.


Summing-up the advantages and preferred application of AMSD/DPMP-1:

- Anti-scorching for per-XLPE compounds

- Polystyrene, to improve crack-resistance, impact properties and low-temperature behavior.

- Similar improvements obtained with SAN resin, ABS and various acrylic polymers and


- EVA/alcohol co-polymer coatings, to reduce haze formation and fisheyes.

- Odorless SBR resins with improved melt-viscosity.

- Unsaturated polyesters

- High transparency polymers (PMMA)


Brunschwig Chenie b.v. Chemconserve Sells AMSD with a particularly high active content of min. 92% (substituted pentene-1 content), low in monomer and saturated content.

AMSD is readily available from our local stock at Amsterdam. Our product experts will also welcome your specific technical questions.

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