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Brunschwig Chemconserve imports and supplies a number of special production chemicals mainly in larger quantities( barrels, pallets and FCL's) to Industrial companies in Western Europe. In view of durability and sustainability B.Chemconserve searches continuously for new applications of chemical by-or restproducts.



AMSD = Alpha Methyl Styreen Dimer
BPS = Bisphenol-S and Bisphenol-MAE upto 99,8 % purity
MSA =Methane Sulfonic Acid 70 and 99%
Honeyoil= Mixture of dihydric phenols( alkyl resorcinols)
Fosfonium= Ethyl Triphenyl Phosphonium Bromide

Special production chemicals will be quoted for on request!

Brunschwig Chemconserve is since 2010 the official importer for Europe of Bisphenol-S and Bisphenol-Mae as produced by Volantchem Inc. China.


AMSD., Chain regulator in polymers, anti-scorching agent (additive) in P.E. formula's

BPS. , Thermo paper, resins, leather tanning, textile coloring and rubber-compounds

MSA., Surface treatment in metal industry(Etching and staining)

Honey oil, Modifier for resins and glue resorcinol(additive in rubber compounds)

Fosfonium, Additive in powder coatings to improve melting at lower temperatures.


Mainly European industrial manufacturers of a.o.: paper, resins , glues, electrical cables and - wiring, pharmaceutical products and intermediates such as polymers and rubber compounds. Further to that European industrial companies active in metal surface treatment, leather tanning, textile coloring etc.etc.


From ex-warehouse Amsterdam to DDP European destination.

From stock Amsterdam : AMSD and Bisphenol-S 99,5%, delivery times from 24 to 72 hours.

Non stock items: Delivery times from 2 to 6 weeks.

Special transportation and express(rush/courier) deliveries optional!

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